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The Esterházy Ensemble, directed by Michael Brüssing has chosen its name from the famous Hungarian noble family.

The group has, for more than 15  years now, specialized on the music for Barytone (Viola di bordone)  at the court of Esterházy - and its aim is, to make this little known facet of classical chamber music more acquainted to a broader public.


Concerts at festivals (mainly the “original places” at Esterháza Castles in Hungary and Eisenstadt, Austria), Radio - and TV - productions (ORF, Arte, 3 SAT, NHK Tokyo and others)   and 30 CDs with Brilliant Classics,  CPO/SWR and Cavalli Records show the acceptance of these efforts

The complete recording of all works written by Joseph Haydn for the barytone (21 CDs) was published 2009.

The musicians of the group

Michael Brüssing    Baryton

Andras Bolyki   Viola  

Mária Andrásfalvy-Brüssing   Violoncello

have all a lot of experience with different period instrument formations throughout Europe.

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