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Complete recording of the works J. Haydns

for barytone

After two years of recordings, the first complete edition of Joseph Haydn's works for barytone is published at the end of February, 2009. The collection of 21 CDs contains all those barytone pieces from Joseph Haydn's life-work, that remained during the centuries.
It is not widely known, but Haydn wrote more pieces for barytone, than string-quartets or symphonies.
The barytone trio was a kind of `Hausmusik' in the palace, as the prince could play on this instrument.

The complete edition contains the 120 remaining trios, one quintet and 7 octets.  So all the music that was
published in the Henle music edition.   Some pieces needed reconstruction, this work was made by Michael Brüssing and András Bolyki. Sometimes the score offered - in a few cases: it required - the opportunity of playing cadences, so the ensemble could not neglect this. Although these cadences were not written by Haydn, it was obvious to enroll them. A few of them were improvised during the recordings, the others were composed by the performers.
In the octets and in the quintet participates the period music Ensemble "Piccolo Concerto Wien".

Place of recording:
Esterházy castle Eisenstadt (Austria)

Project Manager
Dr. Walter Reicher, Intendant der Haydn Festspiele Eisenstadt
CD Producer
Brilliant Classics, NL
Recording engineer:  
Wolfgang Steininger

Music Edition:
J. Haydn Gesamtausgabe, edited by J. Haydn Institut, Köln,  (G. Henle Verlag)
Partners and sponsors
Haydn Festspiele Eisenstadt
Haydn Privatstiftung Eisenstadt
Verein zur Förderung des Werkes von J.Haydn
Esterházy Privatstiftung
Schloss Esterházy Management GesmbH

The following works for  Barytone  by Joseph Haydn still exist :

117 Trios für Baryton, Viola und Violoncello
3     Trios für Baryton, Violine und Violoncello
4 Duos für 2 Baryton (Teilweise Rekonstruktion aus verschiedenen Quellen)
1 Quintett für 2 Hörner,  Baryton, Viola und Violoncello
7 Oktette  für 2 Hörner,  Baryton,Violine, Viola ,Violoncello und Kontrabaß
12 Cassationsstücke für 2 Baryton und Basso

The recording was finished July 23, 2008

Trios Hob. XI  1 - 7

CD 1

Trios Hob. XI  8 - 15

CD 2

Trios Hob. XI  16 - 24

CD 3

Trios Hob. XI  25 - 31

CD 4

Trios Hob. XI  32 - 38

CD 5

Trios Hob. XI  39 - 45

CD 6

Trios Hob. XI  46 - 51

CD 7

Trios Hob. XI  52 - 63

CD 8

Trios Hob. XI  64 - 72

CD 9

Trios Hob. XI  73 - 79

CD 10

Trios Hob. XI  80 - 86

CD 11

Trios Hob. XI  87-93

CD 12

Trios Hob. XI  94 -101

CD 13

Trios Hob. XI  102 - 108

CD 14

Trios Hob. XI  109 - 115

CD 15

Trios Hob. XI  116 - 122

CD 16

Trios Hob. XI  123 - 126

CD 17

Duos Hob. XII12 Cassationsstücke

CD 18

Oktette Hob. X


CD 19 and 20


CD 21